Send Your Opinion Video

Make a few seconds' video voicing your opinion -- for example.  Together, these voices carry our community's appeal and will be heard by county executives.

You can email your video to or post it on your Facebook.  Make sure to mark your video as "Public" and tag "
@StopMountHopeTower", too!

Ideas to Consider 

  • Hurts quality of life, lowers all of our home and property values 
  • Makes our rural town feel more like a city or industrial zone 
  • County not respecting town residents, bullying instead of cooperating 
  • County should not ignore the local zoning law against new towers on the ridge 
  • We are not against emergency services radio, but 200 feet should not be needed

Sample Script

"My name is _______ and I am a resident of _________ (e.g. Hidden Valley, Otisville, etc.), where I have lived for ______ years with my family.   

 I oppose the county’s constructing a new, taller tower at the Maryann Drive site in Mount Hope that would further damage the ridge view. Also, I don’t want the county pushing us around and building a tall tower without considering the local impact.     

 I ask that the county either limit the height of the tower to the existing tower’s height or select a new location."


Please don't forget to add a note granting permission to use your video for the Stop Mount Hope Tower efforts!  

Thank you!